The CLUB: world's first new LEED4 certification located inside the LEED Platinum Parkview Green building Beijing, China.

The CLUB showcases the latest concept CLOUD-9 interior design developed for Haworth x Friends, where a showroom is no longer a showroom. CLOUD-9 rethought the showroom tradition, evolving the space into an exhilarating multi-functional and ever changing environment used for events, co-working, workshops and art exhibitions. Playfully displaying Haworth’s sustainable furniture and workspace solutions in an interactive lay out where all products are being used instead of displayed only.

The design for the CLUB is driven by creating ultimate flexibility. The entire floor plan, like a theater stage, can be transformed to custom fit requirements for different users and to provide an adaptable environment for day and night events. 'For the CLUB we created a theatrical, yet highly sustainable design. We were looking for a flavorful and meaningful design, to create a space which is vibrant and flexible, using sustainable materials and energy saving technologies', says Karin An Rijlaarsdam, founder and creative director of CLOUD-9.

'Our designs tell stories inspired by local heritage and daily life'.

The CLUB design concept is inspired on a wood and mirror box, originating from Qing dynasty, which was considered a dowry from the bride to the groom. The box, filled with jewelry and make up tools, symbolized the love of the bride’s family when giving their daughter and her beauty away to the groom and his family.