CLOUD-9 used reclaimed wood, mirror stainless steel ceilings and developed a sculptured illuminated wall mirror to amplify this precious box full of treasures. Wood and mirror drawers with screen-printed flowery graphics, large white painted rugs and porcelain diamond-shaped lights all add to the CLUB’s dowry box dramatic sensation. The diamond lights designed by CLOUD-9 were developed in China's porcelain city Jingdezhen. Switched off, they appear as solid sculptures, but illuminated they transform into radiant glowing lanterns.
'In the CLUB design also we played with Chinese iconic street elements, visualizing our love for improvised smart solutions in local daily life. For example, the coffee bar refers to the typical Chinese street shops, still very much part of the contemporary Chinese cityscape. These tiny shops are run by local families who live, work and eat in their shop, selling a random collection of items including cheap phone calls, while chatting or watching television'. 

The CLUB’s neon signs, the sparkling heart shaped LED sculpture and round façade windows with red light bulbs are reflections of the always energetic and colorful Chinese street scene.

'We are not searching for flawless beauty in our designs, we search for a dialogue between quality and passion'.