For the design of EAST I was inspired by the weaving technique of the Chinese lucky knot, a complex shape completely created out of one single rope.

EAST is handwoven out of one rope, like a giant lucky knot.

Knotting has been a handicraft art in China since Tang Dynasty. In China you can spot the lucky knot everywhere; on the facade of a little street shop, as a decorative element on a light, in fashion and in art.  It is little wonder this knot permeates the land... The lucky knot symbolizes good luck.

The knot design visualizes  和谐 (harmony) and finds it's heritage  in Confucianism, which is still strongly prevalent in Chinese thinking and daily life.

In many Chinese mega cities like Shanghai where I live, a city of 22 million people and still growing- with never ending sounds, streams of people, yet daily life and human interaction functions in a harmonious and addictive energetic flow.