HAPPY VIP:  VIP Lounge, The Netherlands Pavilion HAPPY STREET, World Expo Shanghai 2010

The festive and outgoing character of HAPPY STREET and the shape of the VIP building itself, resembling a huge golden crown, inspired Karin An Rijlaarsdam to design the interior of the VIP lounge like a happy crown.

For HAPPY VIP CLOUD-9 has created an extravagant and joyful environment, nearly evoking an overdose of happiness and glitter. 'I was not looking for a too serious design, but rather for an overstatement of bold shapes, sweet colours, gold, porcelain, neon and diamonds'.

A seasoned Shanghai resident with a Dutch passport, Karin creatively re-interprets elements freely from both worlds. For the design of HAPPY VIP we has applied patterns and materials originating from European royal culture and fashion, as well as typically Chinese iconic elements.