CLOUD-9 was commissioned in 2005 to create an artwork around the Stadsschouwburg (The City Theater) at The Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

The artwork needed to candidly communicate and attract people passing or meeting on the square, to be drawn into the theater and be inspired for a return visit and enjoy a play.

The Leidseplein square is a famous and lively public space in the city. On any given day it hosts a vivid mix of performers, tourists, chatting youngsters, people passing by, shopping or enjoying the open air terraces.

Once upon a time The City Theater was the main attraction and most impressive building on the square.

With the passage of time it was facing problems of only being patronized by elderly visitors from it's heyday and not really being a part of the vibrant social flow of the square.

Karin An Rijlaarsdam decided to create an installation art work entitled KISS DONT WALK on the facade of the theater.
This ended up being a powerful blown up version of the New York City WALK DONT WALK traffic sign, integrating 50 changing lyrical statements in LED, with passion being the central theme.

CLOUD-9's installation made people do more than walk & talk on the square, it literally made them stop and KISS!

With each dramatic KISS The City Theater was reborn.