Shanghai studio Cloud-9 were tasked with designing the workshop-inspired interior, which is kept purposefully raw with white-washed brick walls, an exposed metal beam structure, worn concrete floor and metal ceiling access hatch 

The design is inspired on an artist atelier, a bit rough, imperfect and built with affordable improvised solutions. 

We recreated an atelier space with a metal beam structure, brick walls, a ‘broken' wooden floor and a metal ceiling access hatch.

We taught the construction team how to paint in an imperfect way, ‘damaged' parts of the brick wall and ‘repaired' it with plaster and paint.

The concrete floor is the result of experiments with a combination of finishes to create a worn down appearance. 

Atelier by Fapai is located inside a mall, without natural light. To solve this we designed atelier style daylight windows, made out of white painted glass panels with back lighting.

Adjacent mirror windows are a reinterpretation of the daylight windows.